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Hello everyone...i thought i'd share a project that i've been working on since july....i'm pleased to introduce: Miss Penelope!

2014-12-20 15.25.36

2014-12-20 15.27.22 2014-12-20 15.48.54

she was a difficult doll to do...considering she was my first. didn't exactly help that i used linen and light upholstery fabric for her dress. since i started her in july, she's got a cute little spring/summer look to her design. ^_^ i'm an old school lolita...i had a hard time not ruffling and pintucking, and lacing the hell out of this doll, lol.

2014-12-20 15.00.59 2014-12-20 15.08.14
2014-12-20 15.01.28 2014-12-20 15.09.11

let's talk details. to add to my set of difficulties, i was using a cheapo, dinky sewing machine that my husband got from the military. holy crap...that thing was a challenge to work on! my own singer that i usually use is back in san diego...probably collecting dust. -_-; her dress is heavily influenced by this Metamorphose JSK that i just really adore. obviously there's been some design changes but i personally think it came out adorable. =^__^=

2014-12-20 00.54.23 2014-12-20 00.55.12
2014-12-20 14.17.04 2014-12-20 14.12.30

and of course, because i'm a glutton for punishment, i decided to give her a full outfit complete with bloomers and petticoat! i have to say though, i did half ass the blouse...sewing tiny things can be a little taxing.. -_-; and velcro = awesomely fantastic! next time though, i think i'll give her a blue top for more of a better contrast against her dress...

2014-12-20 14.40.20 2014-12-20 14.29.44 2014-12-20 14.27.042014-12-20 14.24.49

from concept to design, i think she turned out pretty awesome. and pretty close to what i wanted too. Zoe (my practice doll) was made from t-shirt fabric so it made everything easy to sew together. challenges were figuring out how the gussets worked and proportioning the doll to scale. lol, i love that she's booty-licious! =^o^=

On Penelope, translating the design from forgiving t-shirt fabric to stiffer, non stretchy linen was frustrating. i had to redo a lot of her limbs and even then i messed up. her thighs are much shorter and her bottom legs are longer than i wanted them to be. also, lining up the shoes made me pull my hair out. i stopped at about the fifth times... with regards to articulation... gah...still have to work on it. right now, it's just all for show with very little movable parts. oh, and she's roughly stands at about 18 inches tall.

2014-12-20 14.36.482014-12-20 14.35.442014-12-20 14.35.072014-12-20 14.37.40

let's talk was also a bitch to do. that hair was hand sewn on her pretty little head over the course of a week. the design wasn't hard to come up with..thank you, random japanese toursit, lol!

2014-12-20 15.13.07

in the end though, i really enjoyed the process of making Zoe and Penelope. They're the dolls of my dreams and i'm just so happy that i have a base pattern to hopefully make more in the future. i love that Penelope's outfit is so very's frustrating when i see dolls that just doesn't come to par in costume design like those dollfies or pullips yet still retains it's "rag doll" quality. i'm just happy that i can change that. =^.^=
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