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2014 Favorite Prints and Least Favorite Prints

Well since we've got about 11-12 days remaining (depending where in the world you live) in 2014, how about we discuss what your favorite prints were from this year!

Did you swoon over Angelic Pretty's Celestial series? Did Alice and the Pirates' Ragnarok series call out to you? Did you threaten to beat someone up over the last OP and Bonnet set of Crystal Dream Carnival (hopefully not)? Or has another print wormed its way into your heart/wallet/wishlist? Share them below!

For me my favorite prints were:

Angelic Pretty's Sugar Dream Dome
sugar dream dome

Baby's Le Jardin Secret d'Une Princesse OP
baby le jardin secret d'une princesse op pink

Okay granted this isn't a print, but this is the first REALLY ornate dress from Baby that I genuinely love! Though it's probably a fat chance I'd ever get my hands on it...

Baby's Fairy Topialium ~Promise in the Forest of Trifolium~
fairy topialium ~promise in the forest of trifolium~

Innocent World's Moonlit Walk
moonlit walk
Nice to see purple and teal being used as colors!

Baby's Salon de The Minette
salon de the minette

Krad Lanrete's Medusa

Lief's Celestial
I love how dark and mysterious it is, but I do wish there was another JSK design or a skirt for this.

Angelic Pretty's Romantic Rose Letter
ap romantic rose letter op lavender sax

Ista Mori's Bunny Alice
bunny alice

Meta's Magical Starry Sky
meta magical starry sky chiffon op wine blue

Citanul's Ice Cream Castle
ice cream castle
It's almost like Milky Planet!

Triple Fortune's Lily of the Valley
lily of the valley

Alice and the Pirates' Funeral Procession of Rose ~Aria Blooming in the Twilight
funeral procession of rose ~aria blooming in the twilight

Alice and the Pirates' Le Petit Chaperon Rouge
le petit chaperon rouge

Baby's Queen of Snow ~Fragment of Eternity I Hid in Snow Globe
queen of snow~fragment of eternity i hid in snow globe

R-Series' Dragon and White Tiger
rseries dragon oprseries white tiger op

Alice and the Pirates' Starlight Carnevale
aatp starlight carnevale op no sax

R-Series' Luna in the Sea
luna in the sea

Angelic Pretty's Crystal Dream Carnival
crystal dream carnival

Angelic Pretty's Magical Etoile 2014
magical etoile 2014
I don't like the original release whatsoever, but the sailor JSK of this print really caught my eye!

Baby's Usakumya-chan is a Petit Patissier
usakumya chan is a petit patissier

Angelic Pretty's Fantasy Theater
ap fantasy theater op navy

Angelic Pretty's Berry Garden
berry garden

Angelic Pretty's Sweetie Violet
sweetie violet

Baby's Milk-chan's Fantasy Wonderland
milk chan's fantasy wonderland

Alice and the Pirates' La Traviata ~The Time this Flower Dies~
la traviata ~the time this flower dies~

Meta's Tea Time
tea time

Lief's Noble High Tea Series
noble high tea series

Angelic Pretty's Dreamy Girl
dreamy girl

Meta's Girlie Stuff
girlie stuff
If only the designs for the JSKs were more to my liking though.

And of course some prints just tanked with us...

Alice and the Pirates' Ragnarok ~Story of the Final Stage~
ragnarok ~story of the final stage~
I'm not a big fan of this kind of muted, fall-like color palette.

Alice and the Pirates' Cogwheel of Time and Eternal El Dorado
cogwheel of time and eternal el dorado
See above.

Angelic Pretty's Magical Night Theater
magical night theater

Angelic Pretty's Quartet Chocolate
quartet chocolate
Meh. Whatever.

Angelic Pretty's Celestial
The designs for the clothes weren't doing it for me, but I do like the jewelry and half bonnet.

Angelic Pretty's Cream Cookie Collection
cream cookie collection
I like cookies myself, but this didn't really get my sweet tooth going.

Meta's Romantic Kimono
romantic kimono
Too busy!

Angelic Pretty's Lucky Key
lucky key

Angelic Pretty's Loyal Rosette
loyal rosette
I've never been a big fan of plaid and/or military accoutrement prints.

Baby's Sonnet for Juliet ~Love Potion with Romantic Irony~
sonnet for juliet ~love potion with romantic irony~

Innocent World's Union Jack
union jack

Angelic Pretty's Lucienne Dream
lucienne dream

Baby's Ave Maria ~Heavenly Princess and Madonna Lily~
ave maria ~heavenly princess and madonna lily~

Baby's Mon Petit Chouchou
mon petit chouchou

Alice and the Pirates' Holiday of the Hulim Hulum Brass Band
holiday of the hulim hulum brass band

Meta's The Wheel of Time
the wheel of time
Nice to see some steampunk theme though...

Angelic Pretty's Wrapping Ribbon 2014
wrapping ribbon 2014
I could picture the mint x black color on a typical skirt, but not on Lolita clothes. Hands down one of my least favorite prints of all time.

Baby's Sweet Cream Strawberry Days
sweet cream strawberry days

Meta's Candy Shower
candy shower
That red and blue... *shakes head*

Leave a comment down below with your favorite and least favorite prints of this past year!
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