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Fan Plus Friend $49 Lucky Pack

The delivery was quick, and the items seem like old back stock they are trying to dump, but as for quality, I think it's the same as is expected.

I was holding out on luck and hoping to get more 80 size items, but they were all lady 70 which doesn't fit me very well, so the whole thing is up for trade. But onto the opening!

It came in a DHL bag. Inside that was this!

A light brown tote. It's not made out of very heavy material, but reuseable if used gently for sure.

Things were packed inside it like this

Inside was a blouse, a light jacket, a pant/skirt combo and a few accessories.

I actually really like the jacket. The buttons are a little hard to undo, but I adore the sleeves and thought it was super cute.

This is a simple high color blouse. It has fake corset ties in the back and is a bit thin and see-though.

This is the weird pant and skirt combo. The pants are very "punk" style and remid me of some TRIPP ones, just without the splashes of color. The skirt is pretty short, and has that weird corset ties going on.

The accessories was this nice floral scarf/wrap /shawl thing, a black poodle necklace, a tie, a tattoo neckacles and a key wrapped with some pink ribbon.

If I was smart and probably chose the other size, I would have been pretty happy with the pack (even if I know the pants wouldn't fit me ever)
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