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Buychina/Classical Puppets petti review

So on the free for all friday I posted this

I got a little note from DHL telling me that they would be back on Monday. Maybe they got their days confused or something because they delivered it today!
Now, Buychina has a really bad rep for being scam artists but it's not the company itself it's the taobao sellers. As a general rule of thumb (which I read somewhere and cannot remember where) don't trust a seller with anything below three diamonds. That aside let's move on. There are two ways to find items A) their search bar or B) insert a taobao url and get items from taobao. I took the second route and after seeing how much my petti would be I imediately jumped at it.

So, I started my journey on November 27th technically because I asked them how long it would take to make the petti (I wanted it here before I moved out in January). They got back to me the next day and told me it would take about a month but I could use DHL for it to get here super fast. I selected DHL and paid November 28th. Of course the shipping was a monster (about $20) but the whole order came up to $39.29 which is pretty freakin' good for a taobao petticoat.

I was expecting it to take forever, but for some reason I'm always pretty lucky (or unlucky because it would have saved me a lot of money on shipping) with taobao orders because they never take over three weeks with me. My order was shipped December 10th. DHL came on the 12th and I got my order today.

Now what everyone wants:


image1 (1)
The package unopened

Classical Puppets gave me this cute tote with the petti inside


Okay here is the petti. As many had pointed out a CP petti is made from organza rather than tulle which tbh is way more comfortable, flowy and is supposed to last longer.

Now this, petti is a poof monster and I'm kind of glad I got their "everyday" bellshape petti because anymore would have been monsterous (which some people may like). As of December 13th, 2014 I do not wish to have a petti any poofier than this but I may change my mind in the future.

It's amazing. The poof is great.
See that poof? Awesome. js.

Perfect for a beginner lolita like myself. I hope it does last a long time because I really don't want to buy another petti anytime soon (I need to invest in other items).

If you want a good petti choose Classical Puppets. If you want it at a cheaper rate than Clobba or Qutieland I would suggest Buychina.

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