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Review : R Series Luna in the sea OP, bolero & tights

Hi everyone, this is a short review for R Series Luna in the sea items.

After they had the option of buying from them directly I really want to get something! ^^

The box that everything came in :D
How nice right? The box has their R Series print on it.

Ta-da! R Series Luna in the sea OP!
It's so pretty *_* And because of Clear & Mikuni, I have started liking jellyfishes much more xD
Can't resist sailor collars as well xD
It comes with inner lining, yessssssssss >D
The material is quite soft so some careful ironing is required xD

Here's the Luna in the sea bolero, tights & the Days & nights in Venice necklace! :D

I picked a L size bolero so it was very comfy and loose, the way I like it xD
Now I'm kinda tempted to get the Dear deer bolero but I'll wait for their new release first xDDDDD

The tights are 80 denier, nice!! The print is clearly visible & won't fade away even if you have big thighs 8D
The tights themselves are made in japan, just that the print is done by R Series :Dv

For the necklace, the little ribbon beneath the yellow roses are a nice touch & I'm quite satisfied with the quality of it :D

Miro is very responsive & it was great communicating with her. She was also nice enough to explain to me the difference between toll & ems. ^^
Delivery was rather quick, it took 3 days to reach Singapore via ems.
I strongly encourage everyone to buy from them directly instead of through a third party since we can pay via paypal. ^^

Hope this is useful & thank you for reading. ^^

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