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What predictions came true for you this year?

In line with the monthly theme, which one of your predictions for the previous year came to fruition, and what didn't? Did you foresee Sweet's decline? Did you accurately predict a print, or did something catch you completely by surprise? Did you see the rise of Classic as a lot of other girls had? Were you not really surprised by the Mr. Yan pillow?

I had a feeling IW was going to release another crown print sooner or later, probably this fall or so. I wasn't expecting an entire British invasion! Union Jack skirts, Big Ben prints, the crowns; that took me off-guard. Between this and Meta's Apprentice Sorcerer, we might as well just cut to the point and make one big frilly, fluffy Hogwarts. :T I call Ravenclaw!

The church-themed stuff took me completely by surprise. Suddenly, stained glass everywhere, along with cross applique, window prints, and mantillas. Then Angelic Pretty jumps on with Celestial Church, and I had no idea what to think. ...I still have no idea what to think of that print.

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