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I fell over the Taobao shopping service SpreeNow I have not bought from it, but the few reviews(mostly was non-loli) was some very interesting stuff.

The difference between SpreeNow and a ordinary SS is you actually having everything by hand.
They have a inbuilt proxy to search and translate Taobao for you, however the searchengine is not that good. Some Brands like Miss Point and HMHM is impossible to search by tags. The search-engine can take URLs, so if you are going after a specific Item, so it is just find it's address and copy paste and buy it on SpreeNow's website.

About shipping & fees:
Like other services, Shipping aren't cheap, but they have a page about it, and a nice little calculator. Anyway they have a lot of options to shipping. The service fee is about 10% of item's price.

You must make account, before you can purcase from them.

English: I have not sending mails to them, but site is understandable, not fantastic, but the proxytranslating is little awfull.

You still need to navigate on taobao-website, but to me seems it as a easier way to buy from Taobao. I'll defiantly try it in the future.

Link: www.SpreeNow.com
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