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Review Of Bodyline Skirt!

So I recently bought this skirt;
in whpik!
So it actually looks more like dusty rosy pink in real life;
(Sorry for the bad picture, I didnt iron it first and my phone takes bad pictures.)
It has a removable front bow and waist-ties. I especially love the lace threaded with ribbon along the bottom! The motif is postcards with roses, some stamps, ect.The fabric's plenty comfortable and light enough to wear a petticoat under without it de-poof-ing (Nobody likes losing poof!) The waist has some elastic in the back, waist ties, and a zipper and clasp on the side. For the price I paid for the entire order ($30), I think it's very nice quality. (I got this, a petticoat, and two necklaces). The package also wasn't very beat up and everything is very satisfactory! Now that i've gotten my first "Real" Lolita item I'm very much hooked. I reallly want to get more!

So yeah that's all pretty much thanks for reading!
You can find the whole review on my blog which also has some lifestyle stuff~!
-Love Princess Doll

(also I hope I tagged this correctly! I'm still getting used to it sorry!)
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