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Old to the fashion, New to actually doing something about it

Hi there (my first post so please don't be rude)! I have stalked the idea of lolita fashion for a year or two but never really did anything about it. Without saying my age, I'm very young for a person to get into the fashion, but I'm not planning on being hardcore about it. Basically the reason for my post is are there any other younger lolitas (That sounded bad im sorry) that are going to start their fashionable journey soon? If so, it would be wonderful to go through the process with someone. My goal would be to create a local, irl meetup group, but I'm very willing to start talking with open and accepting lolitas to become friends online, and if they've been in the community, to guide me through it, and if they're still new, then we could go through it together. Sorry if this sounds too childish? If so, very sorry but hey, I'm new. If anyone could give advice on the situation or wants to gain a newbie lolita friend, please let me know~! Thanks you!
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