lafarat (lafarat) wrote in egl,

Lolitas Behaving Badly

I ran into a young lady on FB who utterly despised the rules surrounding Lolita, and there was some palpable bitterness in her words. It came to light that she had been publically assaulted by her local comm, because her Wa-Lolita coordinate was made of 'shiny' material. Apparently, she had eggs thrown at her by the other girls back in 2009, and hasn't gone near the comm, or Lolita, since. You read that right, eggs. It sounds too outlandish to be true, but considering I've read stories of having paint dumped on people, I can't be sure. I've read about white-out, tea, jelly, and paint, but eggs is a new one.

Dealing with issues within your own comm is one thing, but when one sees injustices or terrible behavior in a nearby comm, is there anything you can or should do? Have you heard of a person being bullied like this? Have you been personally harassed like this?

Tags: discussion: reactions to lolita
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