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Is QutieLand reliable?

Hello! I just wanted to ask if QutieLand is reliable, or if I should just use something like TaoBao Spree, since I know that most of the items on QL are from TaoBao from what I've read.
I'm fairly new to the Lolita community and I mostly just know to avoid Milanoo and their many other sites they own 'v'; Anyways, back to QL. I was hoping to get this JSK ( but Ive heard that sometimes the shipping is outrageously expensive (like 1/2 the price of the item/s or more). Either way, I would love to own this for a mini-panel I'm going to be doing at my libraries first teen anime convention they are doing next year, depending on if ordering from QL is a good idea or using a SS is better. I've searched in the search function, but the reviews it brought up for me were from a few years ago, and they could have changed since then. (sorry if my spelling or grammar seems bad I've had a lot of issues with writing things recently;; Also I am sorry for if I posted in the wrong tags, I just joined the community on here today)
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