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Dictionnary of Japanese brand names for Japanese auctions

A lot of Lolitas are shopping through Japanese auction sites to find Lolita clothes and dream dresses. If only searching with brand names, some auctions might stay hidden since Japanese Lolita often write those names in ways we aren't used to and even invented nicknames for their favorite brands. So here's a table containing the most known Lolita Brands with their Japanese writing and nicknames. If you think any should be added to the list, PM me or express yourself in the comments:

The main auction websites in Japan are the following:

- Yahoo! Auctions Japan
- mbok
- Rakuten Auctions

Japanese Brand Name Translation Table

Brand name Japanese Nickname(s) Categories
Alice and the Pirates アリスアンドザパイレーツ アリパイ (aripai) (look through mbok Baby's)
Angelic Pretty アンジェリックプリティ プリティ (pretty), アンプリ (anpuri) Y!Auctions / mbok
Atelier Boz アトリエボズ - -
Baby the Stars Shine Bright ベイビーザスターズシャインブライト ベイビー (baby) mbok
Emily Temple Cute エミリーテンプルキュート エミキュ (emicu) mbok
Innocent World イノセントワールド イノワ (inowo) mbok
Jane Marple ジェーンマープル - Y!Auctions / mbok
Juliette et Justine ジュリエットエジュスティーヌ ジュリエット (Juliette) -
Mary Magdalene メアリーマグダレン - -
Metamorphose メタモルフォーゼ メタモ (metamo) mbok
Milk ミルク - Y!Auctions mbok
Moi-même Moitié モワメームモワティエ モワティエ (moitie) -
Putumayo プトマヨ - mbok
Victorian Maiden ヴィクトリアンメイデン メイデン (maiden) -

Other Japanese brand names are translated here. It also includes translation of general item names like skirt, coat, blouse, etc.

If you found something you want for auction, you need a shopping service operating in Japan to get it and send it to you.

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