Emma (industrialkitty) wrote in egl,

Introducing the Lolita Collective!

Hello! I'm Emma and I'd like to introduce the Lolita Collective, based in Chicago and representing lolita brands from around the world!

Our current list of represented brands include:

Alice Doll (USA)
Amastacia (China)
Atelier Angel (USA)
Baroque (Korea)
Bisguilt (USA)
Catscratch (USA)
CEL (China)
Dream Princess (USA)
Dutch Bunnies (USA)
Eat Me Ink Me (Latvia)
Ergi (Sweden)
Erotomania (USA)
Evil Live (Korea)
Fantastic Grim (UK)
Glitter Valentine (USA)
Ick by Industrialkitty (USA)
Ivy Frozen (USA)
Kinki Kitty (USA)
Lady Sloth (Poland)
Lief (Korea)
Long Ears Sharp Ears (China)
Lost Candy (China)
Magic Cat Crafts (USA)
Mochi Oni (USA)
Morbidorable (USA)
Mossbadger (USA)
Myli Lu (Spain)
Nemeth Wild (USA)
Paradise Rose (USA)
Porcelain Doll (Czech Republic)
Princess Pearl (USA)
Revolutionary Revolution (USA)
Rococo Soul (China)
Rouge Aerie (Australia)
Silversark (USA)
The Snow Field (USA/Korea)
Souffle Song (China)
Sugared Tea (USA)
Teja Jamila (UK)
Truly Darling (USA)
Victorian Angel(USA)

We are always looking for new designers! If you are a designer, and wish to sell through us, please contact us for more information! Or check out our website: http://www.lolitacollective.com
Or follow us on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lolitacollective
Or on tumblr:

The Lolita Collective started off selling at conventions. In 2014 we were at Acen, Anime Midwest, Rufflecon and Youmacon! Here are some pictures of our booth! We are constantly striving to improve the quality of our displays and how we show our products.

Anime Midwest

Currently we have the following conventions booked for 2015: Anime Zap, Anime Matsuri, ACen, Anime Midwest and Dream Fantasy Theater. We hope to meet you at a convention near you! We currently have a selling post over at egl_comm_sales, check us out for items we're selling!

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