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Some newbie questions!

Hi Everyone!

VERY green newbie here who has been stalking lolita fashion for a very long time.

My normal dressing style includes a lot of shorts and A-line skirts and I've put off trying lolita because of the layering and the year-round 35celsius weather, and I break a sweat reaaaallly easily.

I've been stalking lolita fashion for about 3 years and finally saved enough money for a few skirts and off-brand blouses. (though Asian, my arms are far too long and shoulders too big for any of the brand measurements to look good). I'm reluctant to buy one pieces as they are sometimes over the top and too warm, and again, shoulder broadness.)

My currently owned (and recently ordered skirts) include:

  1. Resale Haenuli "Enchanted Fawn" sk in black (I had it altered to pleats because I bought 2 sizes farrr too big but in perfect unused quality.)

  2. Haenuli "Angel of Music" sk in white (I am a total fool for Phantom of the Opera goods.)

  3. fanplusfriend plain white bustle sk (for layering)

  4. fanplusfriend "10 O' Clock Cinderella" sk in black

  5. fanplusfriend Double Coattail Khaki skirt

I have two indie brand petticoats, both supposed to be A-line but one floofed up more after one wash and the other shrank. I've had them for so long i cannot remember the brand anymore.

I always read that one should start with plain coordinates and solid colours but i have a lot of romantic prints and neutrals n my normal wardrobe and want it to be "me" and things I would feel comfortable wearing outside. I bought some of these awhile ago on impulse and really am fearful of seeming Ita.

Also, as i'm interested in japanese traditional clothing I really like wa-lolita, but decided against it after much thought.

Now for the questions:

- How can I adapt for tropical weather?

- Suggestions for a good, plain skirt I can buy that looks fine without a petti?

- Any places to buy nice, flowery, simple headbands other than Etsy? (I have short hair.)

- I'm in my 20s, do people grow out of lolita anytime soon, or ever? Is it too old to start? I'm sorry if this offends anyone but I don't mean to!

- What style? I've been leaning towards classic and vintage-inspired NORMAL dressing for very long and think classic would be the best for me, but what do you think?

- What were your challenges starting, especially if you can't read chinese or japanese?

- Are there any Singaporean lolita out there, and a non-cosplay lolita community? Somehow all the "lolitas" I see are cosplay lolitas :(

I'm sorry if the post has things already asked, because I did look through the posts a few times and am new to LJ and I really am a bit worried!

Thank you!!! Really hope to make some friends here and grow! =)

(Here's a picture of the fanplusfriend skirt )
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