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So it's been brought to my attention that there has been talk of contacting Haenuli to ask for a status update on whether or not we've reached our goal for the reservation. I am happy to report that so far, that out of the 90 orders needed, in total, for XL and 1X in each item, we have 20. This was just the report as of this morning, so I'm sure there are more coming in. However, I'm going to have to ask-and please pass this along to anyone else who is making an order or wants an update-that everyone, please, please, please refrain for sending Haenuli any more comments and queries at least for a little while.

Unfortunately , I woke up this morning to a very distressing message in my inbox. Basically, she 's been getting a lot of hate mail from girls complaining about both the reservation requirement and telling her things like: " You suck because you don't make plus sizes!" Yep. I'm not kidding. That's pretty much verbatim sans the spelling errors. She's also been getting flooded with the same e-mail 2-4 times a day when she's been trying to answer multiple questions for fb, store envy, live journal and personal e-mail. That' s a lot for someone to deal with all the while trying to process and confirm orders and being on a completely different time zone. Aside from that , there is also a thread on 4chan and tumblr, basically trashing the designer for offering to make something that accommodates plus size lolitas to begin with and to do you one better, there has been talk of personally contacting the designer and railing at her for making this decision. Yep. I couldn’t have made this stuff up even if I wanted to.

Long story short, she's stressed, she's upset and disappointed at the treatment she's been getting. She feels that people don't understand that due to extra fabric, having to make a different pattern, extra trim and lace to account for larger measurements that unless they meet a specific minimum, they are barely going to break even from everything that goes into making a product that is on the larger end. It's not about being insensitive to the needs of plus size girls. It's sadly about economics. I'm not a seamstress but I know a lot of designers and I get where she's coming from. Even if that was not the case, bullying and harassment is never okay! You don’t approve of the designer’s practices , don’t like there being a market for plus size lolitas? Fine . You’re entitled to your opinion but to try and force it on someone else is childish and unacceptable. Think about how you see yourself as person and as a lolita. Is that the kind of impression you want to make and do you really think this is the best way to talk someone into changing their mind or getting your point across?

What it comes down to is that she's so stressed out at this point that she's considering canceling the 1x reservation, possibly the xl also and I honestly don’t know how happy she is going to be to continue offering her designs even in standard sizes. Yep. That’s right. We’re a community that is supposed to be about celebrating beauty, fashion and personal empowerment but there are people here who due to their views are proving the exact opposite. Now, I’m not posting this here to point fingers. I really have no idea who's behind this-which is why it’s going to be posted in every single Lolita fb group I’m active in- but I'm letting you know right now, it needs to stop. I don’t know if people feel they have the right to speak to her this way because she’s an Indie brand designer and not BTSSB or Meta but it doesn’t really matter. It’s wrong, disgraceful and make the community look bad as a whole.

I 'm not going to make demands or give people ultimatums. I’d like to think we’re all adults here who know how to take responsibility for our actions. I am however going to ask that : 1- Please lay low for awhile and avoid messaging the designer or if you do, please give her at least 2 whole days to respond to your message. She is only person, fielding questions from store envy, fb and livejournal. If you’d like an update on the tally for the reservation, please join the event page I’ve linked to in this thread or feel free to message me and I will try my best to give you an accurate update. 2- If you’ve written anything that might have come off offensive or disrespectful, just write back and apologize. I know that an apology doesn’t always solve things but it can definitely go a long way. We’re only human. We sometimes say things when we’re emotional, that we don’t mean and it’s ok to apologize. 3- if you want to write Haenuli a little note of appreciation , I would encourage it. I’m sure it would brighten her day!

Thank you for taking the time to read this!


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