Mikaela (ikaelamay) wrote in egl,

Clearly, we all appreciate it when people put effort into their appearance. But I was wondering something lately...What if lolita were the norm? Would we still love it, or would we just be used to it and not care? Perhaps some people who are lolitas now would wear something even fancier, because what they really like is being more fancy than other people. Or maybe some of us would wear normal (lolita, in this alternate universe) clothes, but just be particularly fashion-conscious. I want to know what you all think!

Would you like it if everyone wore lolita (or something similarly fancy), or would it be a shame because we wouldn't appreciate it and it wouldn't be fun anymore?

Even if you don't want the whole world in lolita, would you like it if people generally tried to look put-together before going out?

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