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Meta's Sewing Lesson JSK Measurements

Ever had a dress or a print that spoke to you on a deep, unhealthy level, that meshed so perfectly with your tastes, color preferences, and your hobbies that you wonder if this piece was tailored just for you? That demanded that you buy it, or maybe 2 of each colorway just in case a house fire, the wrath of god, a mythical beast, or a very vindictive member of your comm stole/destroyed your wardrobe? Yeah, that's Meta's Sewing Lesson JSK for me.

Of course, listed measurements state that it only goes up to a 33-34" bust at max, despite the shirring panel in the back. That...doesn't seem right to me. Could someone who owns this piece give me more accurate max measurements before I go hunting for it again on the second-hand market? Please? Maybe? I have to know before I invest, and if I'll need the waist ties included to modify it.
Tags: discussion: dream dress, request: measurements, review product: dresses

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