Taishakuten (pottergirl26) wrote in egl,

two asks: reading Japanese & petticoat feedback

Hi all,

First-time poster here so if if the first question is too off-topic, let me know.

1) As a group, we have varying levels of fluency in Japanese so I was wondering what online tools non-fluent lolitas here use to navigate Japanese-only sites? As a language student, I recently came across a chrome add-on called rikaikun. I love it because learning kanji is an ongoing process and this add-on provides both furigana and definitions when you hover over text so I can actually learn new words and how to read.

2) I recently bought an IW union jack skirt which turned out longer than expected (63cm) on me (I'm only 5ft/60in tall) which isn't a problem on its own but I also just purchased my first standard size pettiocoat (I measured it as 47 cm from the top of the band to the end of the last layer). I'm having trouble figuring out whether the pettiocoat is long enough or is this is something that can be taken care of by wearing another layer underneath. Would it be better to purchase a longer bell shaped petticoat instead? How much length difference do you think is okay between a skirt and a petticoat?/can a stong poof on top be enough to even out the bottom?

Tags: discussion: misc, garment: bloomers/petticoats, request: translation

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