teacupcracked (teacupcracked) wrote in egl,

Metamorphose 2014 A / W Coordinate Contest

Metamorphose 2014 Autumn and Winter Coordinate Contest
The requirements to enter seems very reasonable; Main Piece needs to be Meta, no more then Three people in the same shot & has to clearly showcase their brand items (no uber layering over the main piece, strange out-of-focus artsy shots with weird angles).

Contest Details; http://www.metamorphose.gr.jp/2014aw-contest_details.html

As a side note I've been really impressed with Meta's range in design themes lately. They really like to hit all the sub-styles apparently. It's both impressive and hard to believe, to me, that they've come up with CL/Night Carnival series, Vintage Cameo and the Velveteen Series all within the last handful of months. The variety of cuts for each series has also been nice; I really liked how their summer dress set, Princess Wardrobe (which is still available!), not only had three colorways but also 3 or 4 different cuts.

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