pointetothesky (pointetothesky) wrote in egl,

Innocent World Lucky Pack B 2014 Review

Items received:

  • 1 pair of shoes (that fit!)

  • 1 pair of boots

  • 2 bags

  • 2 Jackets

  • 3 blouses (2 long sleeve, 1 short)

  • 8 Jumper skirts

  • 5 One pieces

  • 1 pair of socks

  • Total: 23 Items


  • Boots, 1 blouse, 1 bag, 2 OPs, 4 jsks

  • Total: 9

Cost: AUS$1160 (including shipping)

Highlights: The story of queen and angles OP in blue, Sailor jacket, white short and long sleeve blouses and BIG white heart bag. And of course brown bow heels THAT ACTUALLY FIT! ^_^


I'd definitely consider myself lucky. I liked all the items and I'm only selling those that are too big/small or too sweet for my style. It also arrived super quick. From order to unpacking it was only 12 days! Some people are still waiting on their invoices. However, I did order about 2 hours after they went up and I paid my invoice straight away so the probably made it a bit quicker.

Most of the items are on the casual side, which is perfect because I wear lolita to work nearly everyday.

I would highly recommend an Innocent World lucky pack for anyone from a beginner to experienced. Just maybe get someone to help you with the box, because it can be super heavy! Now to add to my lolibrary 'wardrobe'.... Does any one else do this to keep track of their wardrobe/wish list?

Stay tuned for pictures! (I focused on unpacking everything and prepping for sales instead of pretty pics today).

Tags: lucky packs: innocent world

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