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Tagging offbrand - a Tumblr conundrum

Hello EGL! Lately I have been trying to organize outfits I've tagged on my Tumblr, and I realized that I might not be tagging things correctly. It's a bit difficult with nearly all offbrand things, so I thought I'd ask for advice.

It's just for my personal Tumblr, but I didn't want to add unrelated clutter to the wrong tag.

* Is there a 'minimum loli percentage' for a coordinate to tag it under 'lolita fashion'?
** What if it is inspired by lolita fashion but not loli in and of itself; how should it be tagged- for example, a coord strongly rooted in mori, dolly kei or CP kei?
* With the rise of Classic lolita, brands have been releasing dresses in different cuts, such as empire-waisted and trapeze dresses (if the terminology is off, feel free to correct me xD) but are they loli still, or just because of the prints on them?
* If it is not a very loli coord, but contains an item made for lolita (burando or indie) should it still be tagged under 'lolita fashion' ?

As for the outfits in question: (not arranged in any particular order, sorry)

1. This one is pretty odd; the blouse is of the dolly kei family, but the white blouse and blue straw bag seem like Country accessories to me. This is all offbrand.
tumblr_n13mn9U7To1trg65uo4_1280 1392304243641
2. This is a pretty old outfit I posted under 'gothic' before.Another odd duck, with a long dress pinned up to fit a skirt and petti.

3. This one is more Dolly Kei than anything else, though it does fit a petticoat under the skirt and long blouse (OP?). I'd tagged it as Classic, though maybe it should have been filed under Casual?
tumblr_n2jenszWdu1trg65uo2_500 tumblr_n2jenszWdu1trg65uo3_1280
4. There's a pink cutsew under the lace top, but at the time it seemed to me a bit extravagant to tag as 'Casual'. I'm still not completely sure on this...
tumblr_n6wyss2ETL1trg65uo1_500 1401377256981
5. Layered dresses over each other- the longer black one fits a petticoat with no trouble, and the shorter gobelin one just barely manages to fit the shortest petti I have. At the time, I tagged it under 'gothic', though it probably is a little cheery.
6. Mori lolita- I think this tag might be okay as it is.

7. Another oddball, a long skirt belted and worn as a dress, with a sheer shawl. The accessories are quite goth with the bird skull necklace and Grimoire's angel tights, so it was tagged under Gothic.
8. I seem to default to Dolly Kei for tagging :| The necklace is pretty gothic (cameo of twin skeletons) but then I have a bunch of flowers and berries in my hair. Rather fussy for Casual, again, but it does mix in my usual non-loli clothes.
tumblr_nao14l4UMI1trg65uo5_1280 1408622930597
9. Odd print time! I don't know how to describe this print aside from that it's a riot of detail and it goes with my peacock-feather necklace. Worn side-to-front, the Bodyline skirt looks a little steampunk, but it probably doesn't belong in that tag- this coord I did tag as Casual lolita.
tumblr_naz3ck0Y9o1trg65uo3_1280 tumblr_naz3ck0Y9o1trg65uo1_1280
10. Here is a blouse- dress, whatever- that does not fit a petticoat, though it does fit the skirt. While I've worn the blouse under the skirt before to pack a petticoat, I quite like the paisley print on it so I wore it this way. I did not tag this under lolita fashion, though it is inspired.
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