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Dear Lenore Shoes - 0/5 NEGATIVE REVIEW

Back in March of 2014, I began a communication with Dear Lenore to purchase 2 pairs of custom shoes. We had a short, positive discussion, and then I purchased the two pairs of shoes on April 1st 2014.

The rest was literally a nightmare.

In April, I ordered the shoes for a twin meetup in June. I was assured I would receive the shoes within a months time. I did not. After a month, I began inquiring about my purchase. At first, it took her two weeks to respond, when she said that her shop was closed for a "holy day". I was fine with this and asked her to ship them asap and to update me with a tracking number.

Next, I emailed her and messaged her on facebook a dozen times over the course of the next month asking when she would ship my shoes, with absolutely no response. When she finally did respond, she said she would ship them out. She never, ever did. My order status on her website was complete, but I never received the shoes that I paid for. I waited and waited.

I went to her facebook page and begged her to ship my shoes. I watched other people receive their Dear Lenore shoes. She refused to communicate with me. The date that I needed the shoes for came and went, and three months afterwards I had still not received my shoes, I begged her over and over in email and on facebook to respond to me and to ship my shoes. She never shipped them.

It is now 5 and a half months after I paid for my shoes. I have never received my shoes. She has blocked me from her facebook pages and I cannot communicate with her. She refuses to email me back. A month and a half ago (6 weeks) she responded to me saying that she would ship them out, and still have never shipped my shoes.

I was very stupid by waiting for her and I lost my chance to get my money refunded through paypal. I very much JUST WANT MY SHOES, still, I just want my shoes, but she will not respond to me, she will not communicate with me, and she will not ship my shoes.

Seriously, I check my mailbox every single day hoping that she will sent my shoes, and she refuses.

Communication: 0/5

Shipping: 0/5

Product: ?/5 because I have never seen them.

Basically, she is a thief. She has stolen my money, she has refused to ship my merchandise, and she has completely ignored me. I cannot get this style of shoe anywhere else, because I have short, wide feet. This was so exciting to me because I really want black lolita flats.

5 and a half months. She has refused to send my shoes. She is a horrible person. Do not purchase her shoes, she will try to steal from you.

Dear Lenore, if you are reading this, PLEASE SHIP ORDER 28!!!!!!! It has been 5 and a half months!!!!!

EDIT:: 9/17/2014 2:30pm PST
After some communications, Dear Lenore decided to post our private conversation to their website in the form of an apology. The private conversation was edited and provided information that was not delivered to me/accurate to what they had said.

In this, I demanded two pairs of additional shoes for my time and trouble. This is my prerogative to do, as I feel like simply sending the shoes at this point wasn't enough to restore my faith in their store. I also used this as a tactic to get them to just ship my shoes, hoping that they would at least chose to ship my order.

Because my conversation was made public and not accurate to my experience with them, I was abused online and treated like crap from her fans and customers. I had told her that I did not want her to post our conversation at all. I had asked my friends and family privately to contact her on my behalf, with NO ABUSE OR PROFANITY to request that after 5.5 months she ship my order. I have a right to post a negative review of my experiences. I am not withholding any information and I have been completely honest.

It is very easy to get upset and angry when you are treated like this. Some may see it as throwing a temper tantrum, and so be it, but the situation is so infuriating. I waited too long to get my money back because I trusted that they would send my items.

**Melissa *DID* communicate with me back and forth. She obviously tried to come up with some sort of a solution, and to keep in touch with me, which is more than I have ever experienced from this company before.

In the end, after I begged her about 30 times to please ship my shoes immediately, and to take the post with our private information down, they agreed to do this:

*Ship my shoes before Saturday the 20th of 1014, else add a $35 refund

*Provide me with a tracking number once the order #28 has been shipped

*Compensate me with an additional pair of shoes that will come at a separate date.

It is my intention to update this review once the order has been received, it if is received.

***To all of Dear Lenore's customers who are waiting on your shoes: I am so sorry for everyone who is experiencing the same kind of situation as I am. You see what kind of a huge stink I had to make in order to get them to even review my order and find it and send it out. I wish all of you luck, you deserve your shoes and I hope very much that you all get them, and that you are treated better than I have been. Good luck.***
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