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Need Help Deciding Lace Colour

Hello everyone, I just bought some printed fabric the other day and I'm really excited to get started on making something but I hit sort of a snag. See, when I first bought this fabric I was thinking about how I could wear it over my black underskirt and pretty much made up my mind I was going to use black lace with it. But once I got home and started looking at designs, I was thinking about how I already have an all black skirt (solid black though) but no black skirt with white trim for my white blouse and numerous black and white accessories (I love black and white sweet). I wasn't sure if would look any good (for some reason I just associated the print with a darker look) so I took some of my spare lace and laid it on top of the fabric. I was very surprised by how good it looked, so I tried doing the same with the black to see what looked better but in the end I really couldn't decide.

So I thought maybe I could ask my family or send pictures to my friends but then I figured: "Hey, other lolitas probably have a better eye for this since they have a much better idea of the look I'm going for." So I decided to post some pictures of the fabric with some spare lace laid over it. Please note, the designs of the lace are not what I'm planning to use necessarily, they're just things I had laying around. I still haven't decided on a design yet, but I'm leaning towards a high waisted skirt, figure I can sort that out after this. So what you guys think, what looks better white, or black?

 photo IMG_0824.jpg

 photo IMG_0825-1.jpg

 photo IMG_0827.jpg

 photo IMG_0828.jpg

 photo IMG_0829.jpg

 photo IMG_0830.jpg

 photo IMG_0832.jpg
I hope these photos aren't too awful, I used my phone and white on black doesn't seem to photograph well >___<;
Tags: request: advice, sewing: help/questions

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