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LunaYosu Etsy Shop Review (Positive) (Picture-Heavy)

Hello, this is my review on the Etsy shop LunaYosu , which is connected to the Taobao shop Luna Borgia. For those who are not familiar with her shop, Luna sells handmade gothic and steampunk jewelry, and also sells some Surface Spell and Souffle Song dresses. I have compiled all of our conversations via Etsy into a single image (Note: I had more on an initial draft and then lost it, and couldn't be bothered to write the whole thing again, so this review may seem somewhat brief).

Pre-sale: Before making my purchase, I inquired about two pieces on the Taobao shop that were not on the Etsy shop on July 17. She offered to either list the items on the Etsy shop for me or ship said items to me after I had purchased items already listed on the site of equal value. I chose the latter, as I thought it would be more convenient. I also inquired about the more expensive shipping option she offered, and she told me to send her a link of a item that I would buy so that she would adjust the shipping cost on said item. On July 18 I made the purchase of two items with a note attached to clarify which items I wanted replaced with other items from Taobao.

Shipping: According to Etsy, the pieces were to be shipped by July 25, but they were not. I contacted Luna on July 26 asking about the delay and she informed me that she made a mistake with my order by simply sending the pieces I selected without replacing any of the items. She explained that she had to send the items to another person, who would then send them to me. As an apology for the delay, she was including the necklace I did not intend to order as a gift. I accepted her response and asked if a tracking number would be included (I wanted to be certain because the last time I ordered something from overseas the delivery man failed to even leave a card in the mail, let alone actually making an attempt on a delivery, so for a short period of time I had no idea where the package was). She said she would provide one when it was shipped to me.

 On July 30, the items were shipped and I was given the tracking number YW882960525CN. According to her Etsy shop, the more expensive shipping option is via UPS, but I could tell that this number was not UPS. After some internet searching, I discovered that it was from Yanwen Express, but could find little information about the postal service itself. The tracking number had failed to work even on their website. On August 1 I sent a message to Luna informing her that the tracking number did not work and requested information regarding the postal service she (or the other person) had used. She replied saying that it was shipped via UPS and that she would message the other person. Two days later I asked again (being my worrisome self) because I had heard nothing, and she replied saying that she did not receive a response.

When I checked the tracking number again on August 5, the number finally worked! It was relabeled as VJF0007807. When I used the new label on the Auspost website on August 6, it linked to the tracking number VJF0007807010223 (at the time I was not sure whether it was the same package or not, but deemed it worth tracking). The same day Luna sent me a message showing the tracking information from the original number, but this was old news to me.

Delivery!: On August 11, the package arrived and was actually delivered to me! It was a small cardboard box covered in tape with the invoice attached to it. Inside the cardboard box, all three pieces were wrapped up in bubble wrap secured by tape.
Each necklace was placed inside a pink bag and was wrapped around a business card with Luna's email and Taobao link.

The first necklace I unpacked was the stained glass window necklace. This was not posted on the Etsy store, but I requested her to replace one of the chokers with this necklace. The actual necklace is much darker than in the picture, and the image is quite yellow, lacking in some of the other colors ( a slight disappointment because I chose this necklace for its colors). Otherwise, the piece is very good quality (not perfect, but I would not expect something handmade to be so). I would give this necklace a 4/5.

The next necklace is The book of Dead-Witch Gothic Victorian style black velvet resin pearl necklace Choker. Again, this choker is darker than pictured and has some minor mistakes, but I do not consider either of these things to be an issue for this particular piece. However, when I wear the choker at the shortest possible length, it is still slightly loose, since  the pendant 'leans' forward due to a small amount of space behind it. I've had this problem before with other chokers due to my small neck, and I know the problem is fixable with the right tools. I would give this choker a 4/5.

The third and final piece is the Fire of battlefield-Gothic Vintage Classic Lolita Crosses Lace Handmade Ladies Chokers Necklace. This was the choker that was meant to be replaced, but I received it as a gift. Surprisingly, this choker fits my neck perfectly, and is comfortable (the lace is not itchy and the pendant is not too heavy). I would give this necklace a perfect score were it not for a piece of the lace not being attached to the clasp/claw part of the choker, even though the lace is still well supported. I will give this choker a 4.75/5.

I hope to hear some feedback from the community regarding my purchase, experience, etc. Thank you for taking the time to read this review!
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