fhaystshilffe (fhaystshilffe) wrote in egl,

How trustworthy is ShopItChina? (TaoBao agent/shop website)

Good evening! A friend of mine is starting to get into Lolita and would like to buy from TaoBao, but is a little nervous about contacting a "traditional" agent as a one-on-one contact. Instead she found a webshop called ShopItChina which apparently works based on TaoBao's english version but additionally offers international shipping. I tried the search function by entering an actual TaoBao link and it works, so obviously the website itself really is tied to the TB website somehow, but how about the credibility of the service? I've never even heard of the website before and found no reviews online. What do you think? Does someone maybe have experience with this website? (If it's deemed untrustworthy, I guess I'll coach my friend through contacting my usual agent, haha)
Tags: ordering: shopping services, request: service recs/reviews, request: site recs/reviews

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