chibi_reira (chibi_reira) wrote in egl,

Wig questions!

Hi all!
So, I bought my first wig recently and it just arrived today but I have a couple of questions so if anyone is able to offer any advice or suggestions I would really appreciate it! ^.^

Firstly, does anyone know how to give your wig more volume? Like, it's an offbrand wig and it did say it was a little thin in the description but it really is quite thin! I was also wondering if anyone had tips for preventing shedding, because I noticed a few hairs coming out when I tried it on. >.<
Lastly, do/ did you find that you look really odd in a wig? This is probably a silly question but I just think I look so weird! So I'm hoping it something you just get used to, like when you get a new hair cut.

Thanks for any help you can provide!
Tags: beauty: hair/wigs, request: advice

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