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L-email wig review!

I had to get one of those for a cosplay because they were the only shop carrying the exact one I wanted in the colour I wanted it to be, so I figured I should order a couple for Lolita/other fashion styles because I had been wanting to do so for a while. Ended up filling my cart with 5 wigs! So here's a review of them. :3
Before you read through this review, please note that these are my first wigs apart from a Bodyline one I owned a while ago. This review will be based solely on the comparison between those wigs as I do not have enough wig experience to compare with something else (such as Cypreous and other prestigious brands). I will put the wigs in order from the worse to the best, according to my observation and my personal opinion on the wigs. Feel free to make comments and ask questions if I was unclear about some points. Thanks in advance for reading my review, I hope it will be useful. :)


July 5th, 6:26pm – Order placed on, automatic confirmation email from L-email;
July 6th, 10:31pm – Status update email from L-email telling me the package is ready to ship, and I can reply to the email if I have questions or concerns;
July 7th, 5:48am – Status update email from L-email telling me the wigs will be sent out during the day. It includes a tracking number and a link to the Chinese website from which I can track it.
July 22nd – The package arrives at my home, it's received by my mom from the postman.

Timeline from their website:


I selected "Economic Airmail Shipping", which was US$26.22, and paid an extra $1.99 for shipping insurance. However, when the package arrived, it was marked as gift with $10 value. So, the insurance I paid was worth absolutely nothing and the carrier wouldn't have refunded me for more than $10 if something had happened to my package. :/ I'm guessing that I would have had to contact L-email and bounce through emails of them telling me to take photos and finally refusing to refund because they're not responsible if something happens in the shipping. It IS stated on their website that they mark as gift with a value of $15 or less, but I didn't see it at the time of ordering. This indicates that the other reviews about their shopping service being terrible are most likely right, so if it is something that scares you or makes you nervous, it would probably be best not to order from them, even through their eBay shop.


Each of the wigs was wrapped inside a hair net with a bunch of tissue paper inside the head. Each was then placed inside a plastic bag with a hole in it to evacuate air. The plastic bags were then thrown into a larger solid plastic bag with an ad for wig-supplier on it (on the other side than the one photographied). Here's the package and the wigs still in their plastic bags (click for full size):


They did NOT come with wig caps, hence the belated review because I was waiting for mine to come in the mail.


A) 70cm New beautiful Pink long Cosplay Party Wig RW136 (link) - US$14.50



This is the "worse" wig that I have in my package. By wig standards, from what I've heard, it's not /that/ bad though. Straight from taking it off the package, the first thing that I noticed was that it was shedding a lot. I combed the curls with my fingers and it shed some more. This was the wig with the most shedding.


The styling is ok, but it's not as pretty as the stock pictures. Some of the curls are messy and look more like waves than actual curls even at the bottom.


The wig is pretty thin, you can actually see the wig's net under the fibers if you hold it in your hand and some of my natural colour (brown) is showing through the wig when I wear it. It's not so worse that the net is visible when worn though, so there's that.

08 09

The wig is also a bit shiny, but nothing terrible; it shows up pretty natural in natural light but does seem plastic-y in artificial.


All I can say is I was definitely expecting worse from this wig, and I'll be quite happy to wear it when I feel like adding a dash of pink to my life.

B) 80cm long brown straight cosplay hair wig CW280-E (link) - US$12.30


*Note that the wig was cut and ironed between the time I got it and the time of this review, but the original bangs were exactly like the stock pictures. No eyeglasses because they messed up with the bangs, hence the derpy face.


This was the wig I bought for my cosplay, hence the odd cut. It had really rough fibers, the roughest of the lot. It was also a wee bit shiny, but nothing a bit of baby powder won't tame.


The colour is less "cherry"-ish than in the stock pictures, it's a true natural auburn, which is exactly what I wanted. The fibers were a bit distressed and needed some ironing, and will probably need to be ironed again when I take it with me for the convention I'm attending. It did handle pretty well my iron at a 265°F setting.

15 16

The colour shows up pretty weird on my camera on the first pictures, but it does look pretty much like the other pictures I posted. This one was just to compare natural vs. artificial light. There's not much difference in the shine, to be honest.

Long story short, this is definitely more of a cosplay wig, and I hesitated a lot to make it the worse of my order, but to be honest, I think it's better than the pink wig because it's thicker and it shed only a little, but the fibers are still rougher and the shine is plastic-y.

C) 50cm long Grey mix fade bleach Ombre Pink wavy Cosplay wig ZY76 (link) - US$11.00



The wig is exactly like the stock pictures! The curls are amazing and look super natural.


The ombré is more subtle in real life though, but it's really beautiful.


The fibers are not REALLY soft though, but they're definitely a lot softer than the pink and the auburn wigs. The only problem with the wig would be it's shine. :/ Here's a comparison natural vs artificial light:


(Colour is weird on the second picture, but it's just my camera.) Like you can see it's not terrible, but it's definitely there. ^^;

It's one of my favourites of my haul though because of its fullness and the cute styling and colour. :)

D) 70cm long Blonde wave cosplay wig ZY65C (link) - US$14.98



This wig is totally amazing. The fibers are soft, but like REALLY soft compared to the other ones.


And the curls fall really beautifully and evenly. There are different lengths so it looks pretty natural.


The colour is a nice platinum blond, not too yellow or dark. The only flaw would be that the teasing to create the hime bump shows up a bit. It is actually shown on the stock picture and I would guess it's kinda common for hime wigs, but please correct me if I'm wrong.


No biggie here, it can be easily concealed with a headband or a bow (tested it out and it works well!). As for the shine, it's pretty matte, only a small shine that seems pretty natural to me.


That would be it for this wig, it's a bit OTT but I kinda like it and my mom wants to borrow it to me for a disco Halloween party haha.

E) 80cm long brown 《CodeGeass》 Nunnally V Britannia cosplay wig (link) - US$14.52



This wig is a nice, true natural ginger red with soft waves. (Yeah it's really not Nunnally vi Britannia's hair colour so definitely don't go by their labelling of cosplay wigs if you're looking for one...)


(The colour is definitely more ginger than this photo, my camera is an ass at capturing colours.) It's definitely longer than the other 80cm wig I bought, this one is like 10-15cm longer at least.


I'm actually totally amazed by how wonderful this wig's fibers are. They have a subtle, mostly natural shine and the wig is really full and thick (definitely gonna get more use of this wig in the winter).


To sum all of this up:

The quality is hit or miss, but even the misses are really good for the price and still workable. The customer service will most likely be crappy, so I don't recommend buying from them if you don't want to have to deal with crappy customer services. Otherwise, these are definitely worth the price and some of them are pretty impressive (all of them were picked in the "cosplay" section). Out of the 5 wigs I've bought, 2 were meh, 1 was average, and 2 were amazing.

I think this is it for my review, I hope you have enjoyed it and that it will be useful to those of you who considered buying from wig-supplier/L-email but hadn't tried yet. Thank you for reading! :)
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