Nicole_hime (nicole_hime) wrote in egl,

BTSSB NYC Store and A COMPLETE Beginner

So I've been interested in lolita fashion for about 2 years (at least) now. My sister is going to be going to FIT for college in a few weeks and we get to go to NYC with her for the day. The first time I went, I was hoping to go to Tokyo Rebel but I found out that they closed and went to Kinokuniya instead to buy a Gothic & Lolita Bible. Now I found out that both stores are in the same location and really want to go check it out! However, I have yet to become a lolita and I feel like it would be strange to go to BTSSB and try on something (or better yet, buy something) since I don't even own a petticoat! What do you experienced lolitas think?
Tags: *baby the stars shine bright, discussion: consumer ethics, review company: harajuku hot, review company: milanoo, store: tokyo rebel

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