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The Ethics of "Fake" Brand Fans

A bit ago, Angelic Pretty had a major print release in Tokyo shop and made it a party where you had to wear AP to discourage scalping. Stories started circulating shortly after that scalpers had gone and bought the cheapest missmatched stuff from closet child and wore it to get in.

Last summer, I went to a tea at an anime convention where Putumayo was a guest. Because the brand wasn't as well known the rules were lax and many people bought a small accessory to attend.

Metamorpose is a much bigger brand but I've sold almost all of my Meta. I'm buying something to wear to meet the designer at a convention.

Imagi Nation doesnt fit in Angelic Pretty, so she commissions someone to sew her a dress that looks just like bunny pockets to wear to meet the designers.

I'll admit straight out that the "fake" in quotes was mostly because of all the talk about [not actually] fake geek girls, which made me think of this parallel. But, is it really the same? Are there ethical issues with any of these situations?

And to take it a step farther, when is someone actually a lolita? And in this somewhat brand centric fashion, what qualifies someone as a fan?

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