samimahain (samimahain) wrote in egl,

Shoulder problems, odd stock photos, etc.

I'm looking to make a bodyline order, and amongst other things I'll be getting a new blouse, preferably in white/off-white. I've just about narrowed things down to two possibilities, but there are a few kinks left to iron out. Help?

I'm torn between L157 in off-white and L117, also in off-white. Thing is, while I'm a very tiny person (my waist measurement is 63 cm and my bust is 80 cm), I have very broad man-shoulders at 41 cm across. I don't want to go up a size to get the proper shoulder measurement as I'm already small in everything else, and both of the blouses would be hanging off of me.

What I'd like to know is 1) which of these have more wiggle-room in the shoulders, and 2) which of these would better fit a Classic/Old-School aesthetic?

Side Question: Does anyone know if the sleeves on L117 are actually detachable? My friend thinks they aren't, and I'm inclined to agree with her, but I'd like to be sure and there aren't a lot of references to it on Google.
Tags: garment: blouses/cutsews, request: advice, request: measurements

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