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Desperately need advice: What to do when you get scammed?

Mods, if this post is inappropriate please tell me and I will delete it.

I really don't know what to do in my situation. I made a !ATTN Seller post in the EGL sales community, however I'm not even sure if it'll get posted because the LJ user in question deleted their account. Breakdown: I posted a !WTB for a parasol. I was desperate for one, as the USA shops hardly stock them. I even mentioned I could pay as gift in my post. LJ user by the name of lillithfourth PM'ed me offering to sell me hers. I asked her for feedback and proof photo. She sent me a user from Lacemarket with almost the same username along with two proof photos. I saw that she had all positive feedback (not sure if she really was that girl from LM now) and I sent her payment via gift (which she asked for, to omit PP fees, which as a seller, I understand). The next day after I messaged her asking if she received my payment and sent her my shipping address, she deleted her account. I'm stuck with a name (Lillith Farrell) who I can find NO RECORD of online (it's a personal account, meaning that would have to be the name that matched her bank account or credit card for Paypal verification) and her Paypal address: I messaged a few girls from LM who left feedback for the person this girl from LJ is pretending to be. One girl replied back giving me a different name and Paypal address than what was provided to me, so I don't believe they are the same person (but why would this girl from LJ pretend to be this girl from LM?!). I don't believe they are the same person, meaning that this girl from LJ is probably still running around on a new account looking to scam people via PM.

Does anyone know who this girl possibly could be, and what I can do to get my money back. I've filed a dispute with Paypal as "Item not received" yesterday as the only other option is "Item received but...". Obviously this seller isn't going to communicate with me so the dispute is useless, seeing as she deleted her account but I have to wait a week to file a claim.

Lilith4th on Lacemarket is not a scammer!
The user Lilithfourth was impersonating Lilith4th.
She tried to scam other users on /cgl/ in the Buy Sell Trade thread as well (she posted a screenshot of my Paypal dispute):

Thank you to everyone who's taken the time to reply with advice ^_^

I have opened a dispute and a few days ago escalated to a claim. In a few days, I should be getting my money back. I know the seller isn't going to respond and she's probably going to continue scamming other people under fake PP accounts and usernames.

Tags: !scam alert/possible scam, request: advice

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