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MyeSoul PinkxBlonde Wig Review ❤

Hello everyone ❤
Today, I’m reviewing MyeSoul’s Lolita PinkxBlonde Wig~
(pics in natural light and minimum edition)

MyeSoul link:

Wig length: Approximately 60cm (base wig) / 45cm (detachable ponytails)

❣Name: Cosplay Wigs Lolita Gold and Pink Long Curly Ponytails High Quality Synthetic
❣Description: “This wig is designed specially for Lolita cosplayers. It is a subtle gold and pink wig with high quality and handcraft. It is made of synthetic materials. With this wig, you can just cosplay any cute and innocent little girl in comic and animation vividly.”
❣Weight : 0.50kg
❣Colors Department : Multicolor Gradient
❣Hair Style : Curly wavy
❣Fiber: Elura (High quality and high heat resistent fiber)

❣Texture/Softness: ★★★★☆
❣Quality: ★★★★☆
❣Hair Thickness: ★★★★☆
❣Too cute ❤

It came in a discrete, simple package. As you can see, the value was marked as 15$ - the real price is $88.18 (currently 44% off).

I received a Gabal Mania wig cap together! So useful.

The reference stock pics are accurate, but the color (as the name says) isn’t a light, milky blonde… It’s more like golden and has a beautiful hint of orange. Besides, the pink strands tone is exactly what people call “milkshake pink”, very vibrant, sweet and cute, mixing really well with the blonde locks. Here you can see how the hair mix and blend together and the long bangs.

↑ Yes, both in natural light, but in different places and angles)

The lace inside and some pictures with flash. It shines a little but it doesn’t look fake or plastic at all when you see it in person. Also, the fiber doesn’t tangle easily, but the curls can get loose and messy if you aren’t careful enough (like any curly wig =D) I wore it for like 4~5 times and feel that they already need to be fixed.

Jaw clip-on ponytails! Practical, fluffy and cute ❤

Wig top:

About MyeSoul, Dina was very kind and sweet to me. She asked a few questions about me and offered a lot of products for me to choose, answering quickly to every e-mails I sent to her.
My country’s postal service is slow and complicated to deal with, but luckily my package arrived to my house without any problem.
I fell in love with this wig and would surely recommend MyeSoul for people who want some Lolita or cosplay itens like me ;3

This is 100% my own opinion about the wig and MyeSoul.
Sorry for any language mistakes :x~

For bigger pics, please check my blog:

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