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Petticoat recommendations? Also another petti question...

Hello egl! I'm fairly new to lolita so I'm only just now building up my wardrobe. (Speaking of new, I hope it isn't a problem that I post in colour all the time like this. I don't really see anybody using coloured font so idk if it's only meant or highlighting purposes or if using it as a kind of "theme" is fine, or just too distracting. I do this in forums I go to so I guess it feels a little weird to not post like this ^o^ I'll stop if need be, though!!)

Buuut anyway just recently I received new clothing and I realized when I wore my petticoat under my new skirt it didn't quite look as full as it did in the provided images. I've... actually noticed this with the another skirt I've owned so far too. I own Bodyline's L325 skirt which some probably know that it can be a heavy skirt. It has squished my petticoat under that weight. It wasn't too bad though, I thought it still looked kinda nice with the amount of poof it provided, so I didn't make much of it. But the skirt I just recently got could look a bit better if it were fuller, imo. Idk how large or small (in terms of poof) of a petticoat I should go with, though!

I've got the Dear Celine frothy petticoat II. It's such a nice petticoat and under my light skirt it gives pretty good poof! But Bodyline's skirt is heavy and the new Dear Celine skirt I have is a little on the heavy side as well. And there's even my coat I got that's really really heavy! =O Soooo I think it's about time I get a new petticoat for layering ^o^

This is my new Dear Celine skirt with the frothy petticoat underneath. Nevermind that I tried to hide the fact that I quickly placed the petticoat and skirt on over my regular clothes that don't match at all >w> Also to be fair (or rather to clarify), before I took this picture I've left the petticoat hanging and haven't tried repoofing (wee making up words~) it by letting it hang while I shower or anything yet, as I've seen people recommend to do. But the day I got it even after I did try repoofing it, it pretty much instantly started looking like this as I placed the skirt on.

This is the photo Dear Celine provided for theirs, it looks so much fuller ;u;

So.... I've got a request. What size petticoat do you think I'd need to make that look as nice and full as in Dear Celine's image? Should I get a large one to layer it with since a tiny one would be weighed down as well? Or do you think large would be overboard? And sorry I also can't really afford much, so I can only really get the cheaper petticoats~ I've been looking up discussion about petticoats in this community and I'm interested in the Victorian Girl Dress one that I hear many say is really poofy and doesn't deflate. What's also a plus is that I've heard that wearing it low enough makes it look a-line shaped and wearing it higher makes it cupcake shaped and I don't have an a-line petti yet! Do you think that that petti layered with the Dear Celine one could look nice, though? Too much? Anything else that you think might work out better?

Also I'm so so sorry for bombarding with so much text and explanations, but I feel like I also have to say I'll possibly get the VGD petti whether it is good for layering with the frothy petti or not. That light weight skirt I mentioned at the beginning? I got it custom made (which I was a little worried about doing but I figured I'd do it anyway). I'm incredibly short... I'm 4'10 ;~; I'm also too old to grow anymore ;~~~; As I was worrying might happen, that skirt turned out about a half-inch to an inch shorter than my frothy petticoat. That petticoat is maybe an inch shorter than the VGD petti overall according to both the sites' measurements, but since the way to get the cupcake shape out of VGD's is to wear it high up at the waist, it'll make it even shorter than the frothy one by what looks to be a good few inches! Because the skirt is a corset skirt so the actual skirt part that the DC petticoat can fit in is even shorter. It's about 15-16 inches while DC's seems to be about 16.5"-17.5". So I think the VGD petti may be perfect for me, since the actual poofy part is even shorter.

But do you think I should settle for just the VGD petticoat? Or should I get that and a different one for layering? Thank you if you've taken all the time to read through this and thank you in advance for the help~

EDIT: Okay, thank you everybody for the help! I've decided on getting the victorian girl dress petticoat since it's versatile enough for my shorter skirt and versatile in shape so I've got an a-line petti and meanwhile I'll also get a Leg Avenue petticoat for layering when I wear the heavier fabrics.
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