sweetmaniac (sweetmaniac) wrote in egl,

How to make a giant spoon?

Hello dears!

My question is quite simple: How can you make a huge spoon? I wanted to craft one for ages, but I don't really have an idea how I should make it.
I mean this kind of spoon which you can see sometimes at Lolita fashion shows or GLB photoshoots.

I found a picture on Tumblr so you can know what I mean, here is the link: http://fyeahindielolita.tumblr.com/post/53490685044/alicedollstore-mintandapple-the-giant-spoon

Or do you know a place where I can buy one? (I'm living in Europe so the shop should send to Europe).

I already googled it several times but all I could find was some guides how to make one from wood, and this is not possible to do for me :/

Thank you very much!!! <3
Tags: crafts: help/questions, crafts: patterns

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