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Tutorial: Repairing Snapped Headbows

Ever broken a headbow, but didn't want to put a whole new band on it? Well, now you can! This only works with headbows that are covered by a separate piece of fabric, and are still connected by it after they snap. For example, I am using Innocent Worlds "Pearl Grosgrain Ribbon Headbow" (or something with a very similar name - I can't find it online), that broke when I put it in a too-full backpack. I've only ever broken this one band and have no other experiences with this method, but I couldn't find any good (there were literally none) tutorials online, so I thought I would share this for others who wanted to fix headbows that have befallen the same fate!

First, you need to collect:

  • headbow to be repaired

  • brass fastener or "brad" *prepare this by pushing the two arms back and forth from the base, until they fall off.*

  • contact cement or superglue

Open up the head bow so that the inside of the cover can be seen. Put a little bit of glue on the inside of the ribbon, and a little on top of each fastener arm. Stick the fastener arms inside the headbow as shown (I've only used one in this photo, but two will make it stronger if the band is wide enough):

Now, add more glue to the inside of the plastic band and visible side of the fastener arm. Also apply a thin layer to the two broken ends of the band. Take the two halves of the band and pull them together, so that they are touching. Wipe off excess glue with a paper towel or rag. Just don't use your fingers, the glue is very strong and will not be fun to get off. Hold for a little while until the glue has set, and the band doesn't open up again when you let go. Your band should look something like this, sans glue drips:

After it dries, it will look something like this:

I found that with this head bow, the band itself is not actually held together by the glue (around half an hour after I put the bow on I felt it crack open), but the two pieces of metal hold it together very well. It is comfortable to wear and feels pretty durable. The shape of the head bow is slightly altered, but not in a noticeable way when worn.

Here you can see the head bow being worn! It is completely unnoticeable that anything has been done to it when worn, because all you have done is glue in some thin strips of metal that hold it down. Please ignore the bad hair, it had been raining and windy.

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