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Haenuli new design (little mermaid /Fawn in flower garden)

Hello Girls, this is Haenuli :D How are you?
I am glad to show my another new design again :) I had dream with mermaid print since I start to print my original print
The little mermaid took really long time cause I didn;t want to make fishy smell dress XD
So let me show you how the dress get finished

I am really fan of mermaid , so mysterious and so magical :D
So we choose gray color wall in studio so it can turn bit blue-gray while we shoot with the light

And so fall in love with my model as usual :D
She so adore and fairy



And there is one more thing I want to show you more :)

I had collbaoreation with Deerstalker pictures with again. This is fifth time that I am working with this amazing team :)
As you know they took so amazing film shoot all the times and wich this film too.

Short information of Film

Follow Deerstalker Pictures!
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Deerst...
Tumblr: http://deerstalkerpictures.tumblr.com/
deviantART: http://deerstalkerpictures.deviantart...
Model - Grimm Sugar : http://grimm-sugar.tumblr.com

And this is close up of the little mermaid Print :D

black mermaid is evil mermaid+_+ hahaha

And more :D We had took catalog of Mori-lolita : Fawn in Flower garden

I am so fan of high- wasit design but didn;'t had chance for release. But here it is :D
So glad I can design for this.

This fabirc has cute littlefawns on it. So I had to name with Fawn in Flower garden

Did you enjoy my catalog?
Hope you love it :)

See you again!

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