ellzababoon (ellzababoon) wrote in egl,

Angelic Pretty Crystal dream carnival

I've just got an email with the reservation times, and it says it's from 12pm Saturday to 11:59pm Sunday. I've always been told that 12pm is.mid day, but the email says it's a 2 day reservation, implying it starts at 12am as in Saturday morning,aka 3 hours away. I'm at work, and I desperately want the op set, and im worrying about it selling out before I get home. Can anyone confirm what time it's starting, and any idea if the reservation is likely to sell out within 2/3 hours? I've never reserved a dress before so I'm nervous and I doubt I can try sneakily.order it at work. Any.help is appreciated, thanks! Also I'll try tag this right, but being on.my phone I can't.look up tags while writing this so I.may have to edit it later.
Tags: request: information, request: site recs/reviews

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