jeany (hikarudark) wrote in egl,

Need help Matching Shoes with Coords?

I've been a into/interested in Lolita fashion for years but only recently (past 2 months or so) started buying things and building a sweet coord. (A bittersweet coord possibly if anyone still uses that term.) I started out by buying things I would need regardless of the skirt/jsk in question like a petti, socks and stockings, and I've even had a blouse commissioned that I should be getting (and reviewing) in about a week.

What I need help with is shoes. I still find myself a little shy of bows on my shoes but I found two styles of Mary-Janes that I thought would be appropriate for lolita purposes. The problem is they're black and white and I know that if I wear them I might need to wear a few other black things to keep everything looking proper.

These are the shoes:
(I hope I uploaded the picture properly. Apologies if I didn't, I haven't been on LiveJournal in about four years.)

I don't have one specific dress in mind right now but does anyone have any advice for:
1. Things I absolutely need to wear to make these shoes fit into a sweet coord? (For example. A black blouse would be good.)
2. Color choices I should NOT make when wearing these shoes?
3. Any other advice?
Tags: coordinates: questions

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