midnitekitten17 (midnitekitten17) wrote in egl,

Bodyline Lucky Pack

I should have heeded many other lolitas' warning and not purchased the lucky pack, but my curiosity got the better side of me. I purchased one and it just arrived today, 2 weeks later. I am BEYOND upset. All that was inside was the typical fruits parlor bag and 1 coat. 1 coat. That was it!!!!!!! I've never been so upset. The coat still has it's tag on labeled at 4,999yen. It's defective on top of this so it's not even worth the full 4,999yen. The bag I don't imagine cost more than 1,000yen. I paid 8,000yen for this pack. I got completely ripped off, they overcharged me for a coat they couldn't sell!!! It's a nice coat, sure, but I would never have paid 8,000yen for it and the bag, especially defective! I have contacted bodyline and am waiting to hear a response, but I am extremely unhappy. I am also attempting to open a dispute against them.

Lesson learned, I don't think I'll ever chance it with Bodylines lucky packs again.

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