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Where to Buy Novelty Hand Bags?

Where do you go to find awesome novelty handbags for Lolita?

I just finished watching a video on youtube by stylist Chriselle Lim featuring a lot of fruit, cake and cupcake-themed handbags by Judith Leiber and it got me thinking about how much "main-stream" fashion does cross-over with Lolita.
Of course I personally do not have five to six thousand USD to spend on a red velvet cake rhinestone handbag so I was wondering; where do you find cute, outrageously novel purses for Lolita? Are their certain stores, brands or designers who really seem to work in the vein of a certain sub-style (Gothic / Classic / Sweet)?

Please share your knowledge!

Chriselle Lim's "Food Print - Food you can Wear" video: http://youtu.be/9JZBKwkFL6I
Judith Leiber Handbags: http://www.bergdorfgoodman.com/Judith-Leiber-Couture/Designers-A-Z/cat237700/c.cat

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