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About the Lolita Handbook and possible similar projects

Hello ^_^
Most of you probably know the lolita_handbook LJ. I think it is a very helpful resource for beginners. However, it is becoming a little outdated as the years pass and the fashion evolves, some links are dead, more recent resources could be included... Do you know if the author is still around? It would be amazing if she could update it or give someone else permission to do so (I would be willing to contribute). If I remember correctly, I tried contacting her a few months ago, but I got no reply. The reason why I'm asking this is that it's really great to have this one page that beginners can read and where they can learn most of what they need to know in order to get started, and to my knowledge, there is no recent equivalent to it. Or is there ? Do you know any other, more recent "Lolita Bibles"?

I'm also thinking that it would be awesome if there was something similar in book or e-book form. While it would probably be impossible to get a traditional publishing deal for such a book, there's always self-publishing. Do you know if anyone happens to be working on something of the sort? I'm merely asking out of curiosity, not trying to intrude in someone else's project. ^_^
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