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*Positive* Maiden Clothing Review!

I haven't seen many thorough reviews of them so I decided to make one!

I ordered a Jewelry Jelly jsk+ headbow set in pink directly from Maiden Clothing.


English Ordering Info:

I used Chrome as my browser and it has Google Translate built in. If you want to use another browser, you can just use Google Translate c:

Ordering Timeline:

May 21, 2014 - 10:26 AM
Filled out and e-mailed the order form. Later that day I checked and saw the item was marked as sold.

May 22, 2014 - 5:10 AM
Received a thank you note. They told me my set was ready to ship but I had to wait for an e-mail from NICOS to pay for it. They expect payment within a week and will ship the items within a week after that.

May 25, 2014 - 7:07 PM
Received the e-mail from NICOS and filled out the forms needed and payed. Their e-mail and website were both in Japanese so you'll need to translate them.

May 27 - 2:09 AM
Maiden Clothing sends me a confirmation e-mail with a tracking number.

May 31
I received my package!
General Comments:

Pricing - 5/5
The jsk + headbow set cost 1,4040 yen, shipping was 2,220 yen, credit charge was 200 yen. The total was 16,460 yen. I think I got a great deal!

Items - 5/5
The dress was rated 3/5 by them and was listed as not having any major flaws, just an overall feeling of wear. I inspected the dress and headbow and I cannot find any stains or rips! It had a nice clean smell too! The glitter is intact just as they said and it also has the star charms on the headbow and neckties!

Communication - 5/5
All communication with them was prompt! I did have to wait a while for the NICOS e-mail but that may have been due to it being a weekend.

Packaging - 5/5
The items were individually wrapped in clear plastic bags and placed inside a large EMS bag. None of the bags were ripped. They also included some cool J-Rock flyers which was nice!


ABC590FB-64CC-48F2-8315-F7DB2294587A E41B8C60-308E-4B39-BA5D-776262D0367F

Overall I rate them 5/5! I would totally order from them again in the future!
Hope my review was helpful C:

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