icyhime (icyhime) wrote in egl,

Coordinating chess chocolate?

Hi everyone!

I've been watching the community for a while now and I guess it's my turn to kind of become part of it!!

I own the chess chocolate low waist jsk in pink and was planning to wear it to a 'harmony day' event at my school(basically an event at school to express yourself and learning to accept with everyone's differences). I've worn it once at a family dinner with a really toned down casual coord but since I'll be wearing it outside I wanted to especially make sure I'm representing lolita properly. I do realise that this jsk is somewhat short on me but I want to try slowly easing into lolita and trialling it.

So what are some ways in which I could coordinate it? I already have chocolate brown mary janes and a GLW chocolatte dollight wig which I was planning to wear with it. I'm especially puzzled about the blouse, what kind would suit it best? Any tutorials for chocolate themed accessories would be appreciated :D. And I'd love to see any coordinates done with it.

Also, what is the best way to deal with curious people in regards to lolita? I don't think anyone will be rude about it but is it a good idea to tell people it's 'lolita'?

Thanks~ Any help would be appreciated:)
Tags: coordinates: questions, request: advice

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