kunoichiyvette (kunoichiyvette) wrote in egl,

Clobbaonline not responding...(SOLVED)

Dear lolita's

I ordered multiple times from my SS, ClobbaOnline and Im also very pleased with the service he provides. I had a open order and wanted to add some more items to the order.

I ask on 25 April about my open order and got reply on the 27 April.
I emailed on 28th of April with the message that I would like to add some items to my order.
I have not heard from him since that email on the 27th of April.

It has been 9 days now and I first though maybe because of golden week.

But now Im getting worried. I hope nothing happened.

Does someone know something ? Or maybe more people have the same issue ?

Martin replied today. He was on a public holiday and the emails were pilling up.


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