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Steam loli, now in brighter colors! [warning: several large pictures]

I was checking TaoBao shops and I chanced upon some very BRIGHT! steam loli pieces by Classical Puppets. Whether this is awesome or itaaaaa is up to your personal opinion- but I thought that the color itself was novel enough to post. The last Steam thread was in 2012(?) I believe, and I didn't want to necro that.

I will be listing several pieces; they are not in chronological order of release however, as I don't have timestamps for these.

Classical Puppets: 'Steam Band'
classical puppets_steam band1



HELLO GRAPE. I don't see a lot of purple in lolita, but Classical Puppets does seem to love it. While this does err a bit on the side of tacky (it's SCREAMINGPURPLEEE!! in all caps) I kind of adore it. They also have an overdress up for reservation:

classical puppets_T25xi_XU4XXXXXXXXX_!!26107146

classical puppets_T26zLfXFRaXXXXXXXX_!!26107146

And in my humble opinion with the overdress it goes from 'kinda tacky?...' to 'OMG I MUST HAVE IT'
Note: the shoes are from CP too!

JSK II (Google Translate says this is a 'miniskirt'... okaaay)




Next up is a slightly older release:
Fanplusfriend: 'Machine Birdcage'
fanplusfriend_machine birdcageCT00227_15__01842.1399362458.1000.1200
ohshhh why am I broke right now, please stay in stock and wait for meeeee
Note: I am a sucker for sunset colors- hence, biased. Sorry.

It also comes in a nice deep green color:
fanplusfriend_machine birdcageSP00160_04__22632.1396236261.1000.1200

And it has pieces for Ouji, too. I think the tailoring's pretty nice on these.
fanplusfriend_machine birdcageSP00019_01__61825.1396581568.1000.1200

There is also another older release from F+F,
'Time Traveler'
fanplusfriend_time traveler_DR00157_03__77519.1392269884.1000.1200
Mmhm stripes. Not quite sold on the pattern, though I do appreciate that they introduced a fresh color.

time travelerDR00157_06__11816.1392269895.1000.1200
Matcha green! Lovely <3

Infanta: 'Steam Punk Time Machine'


This is a release from earlier in the year, I think (ahh, memory problems). While I think gold would have been a better choice for the screen printing, I really like the beige frill at the bottom. It's velveteen however =A= I can't wear it in the tropics. Might be nice and toasty for colder climates!

Lastly, here are some Steampunk coordinates from the Japanese blogger Crystaline. Featuring the ever-reliable


She wears a lot of layers and uses a lot of off/no-brand items, as well as items from Miho Matsuda, Ozz On/Ozz Angelo. I included a few of her pictures here because I personally love these items from Bodyline (I have the brown skirt!) and I think it would be fun to wear them in new ways.

What do you think of this season's Steampunk releases? If you know of any items that weren't mentioned, please share them in your comments!
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