ybpaladin (ybpaladin) wrote in egl,

Well that's tempting

Didn't expect that
My little sister is going through a "Hot Topic" phase and asked my help in picking out clothes. So we're shifting going through the Hot Topic website when we come across the "Hell Bunny" section. All I can say about it is that if I saw that stuff as a newbie I would have been all over it like white on rice

So I'm having a good laugh until I see this:

Whoa, that surprised me!
For $151 I can get a better coat from brand but that shirt looks like what I could get from Bodyline....And its cotton too!

I know some people talk about lucky finds at Forever 21 and such, but Hot Topic? I guess if you keep your expectations lows enough you'll get lucky. (I usually hit up Claire's for rings/flower combs)

So EGL, ever find anything usable at mainstream stores? What about Thrift stores? I know plenty of people that buy their loli shoes from stores like payless/DSW, which sounds like a great idea to me.

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