candy_gram (candy_gram) wrote in egl,


I never thought I would have so much difficulty finding something so basic. Even though I'm not particularly tall, I find a lot of my dresses end up higher on me than I would prefer, so I'm hoping to invest in a versatile, black underskirt to wear beneath them, preferably in chiffon.

However, I'm having a LOT of trouble even finding one. I used to think fanplusfriend had some but when I searched there was nothing, etsy only has a tiny handful and most with bustles, and ebay/google is no use as I find results referring to actual petticoats, not underskirts. Are there any suggestions for where I might be able to find one? I only need a couple inches or so of extra length, but it's a big enough of a difference to put me off of wearing my dresses to work now that it's summer and I'm not wearing tights.

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