calliek44 (calliek44) wrote in egl,

Newbie lolita seeking petticoat advice!

I recently purchased an ODIP cupcake petticoat, but it peeks out from under my skirts.
Through searching EGL for a solution, I heard that one should NOT cut the petticoat's fabric but instead roll or sew the petticoat's elastic band. Are these the only solutions for a too-long petticoat? When I try to roll the band or wear the skirt lower than the petticoat band, it still slips around when I move. I thought that maybe I could try to sew a ruffle at the bottom of my problematic skirts to add length and hide the petticoat better (they are indie or vintage, so I wouldn't be ruining any very expensive brand pieces).
What are the thoughts of some more experienced Lolitas? Cut, roll, sew, or ruffle?

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