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Fairytale Boutique Presents: Official Little Tokyo Harajuku Fashion Walk in Los Angeles!

Harajuku Fashion Walks are popular in Japan, so why not bring them to Los Angeles in Little Tokyo!? All the attendees were able to show off their personal Japanese fashion style and take a walk around Little Tokyo displaying it!

So far we've held two fashion walks, and we're super excited to have more! Check out the videos after the cut...

On Saturday, January 18, Fairytale Boutique was host to the first official Harajuku Fashion Walk in Los Angeles! Over 100 guests were present in this amazing display of colorful Japanese fashions. After the Fashion Walk, special guest RinRin Doll did a a make-up tutorial inside Fairytale Boutique!! She did a live demo on Olivia of the "Spring/Summer" look.

Zekie Cho's Event Photos: here

On Saturday, April 12th, Fairytale Boutique held the Second Official Little Tokyo Harajuku Fashion Walk in Los Angeles!

Zekie Cho's Event Photos: here

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