redvelvetcurls (redvelvetcurls) wrote in egl,

Hair colour and complexion issue :/

Hello everyone!

Happy Easter! Or belated as it is... I have a question and I'm truly stuck at finding an answer...

I'm considering purchasing Infanta's Cinderella jsk. I want it in either pale blue or pale pink. I can't decide which one would look better on me because I've been told that pink clashes with my hair colour, but blue contrasts it too much.

I have red hair. Not anything vibrant, I haven't dyed it, it's just this copper tone colour so it's not really out there or anything. But it is something that influences what colours I wear. I'm also very pale in complexion. You can see in my display photo, my face and hair lol. That's pretty much it.

What would you ladies do in my shoes? Can someone lend me a little fashion wisdom?

By the way, you may remember me from before asking about hime cuts. Well, have straight bangs now but I can't say that's hime. It needs the side bangs for that, and I don't really have the face for those... Though I must say I enjoy having bangs! But man is it hard work. Cutting them is NOT good for my blood pressure hahaha!

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